Air Source Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps work in a similar way to Ground source but instead of extracting energy from the ground they extract it from the air. They are marginally less efficient than ground source but offset against that there is no requirement for space outside for the ground loops, or the cost of boreholes/surface loops that groundsource would require. Worcester-Bosch and Ecodan heat pumps have the highest efficiencies on the market. They are an excellent technology and often the best choice, especially where space is limited. They function down to -25'C (The models we recommend) and are perfectly suited to the Scottish climate.

We also design and install air-air units. These are similar to air conditioning units and are ideally suited for commercial applications as well as workshops/garages.

An example of a recent 14kW outdoor unit we installed. Smaller properties would only require a single fan unit halving size of outdoor unit, as next photograph of another of our installations.
An indoor unit (linked to outdoor unit) installed neatly with removable panels for future servicing.
An indoor unit location in a garage, installed by us.





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