Solar Thermal and Solar PV (Electricity generation)

Solar PV. We are fully qualified in both types with solar PV popular. Systems are all fully grid connected and any excess power is exported and sold back to the grid. There are many manufacturers and options. Please contact us for full details.

A recent example where PV is integrated into roof (in roof).
Recent "on roof example", domestic slate roof.
Commercial installation on a farm building roof.
Solar thermal panels are the flat panel collector type which are high efficiency and offer leading longevity. These are mounted either in roof (for a new build or where the roof is new) or on roof for existing buildings. Evacuated tube type collectors are also available and can increase performance where a shaded/diffuse light orientation is the only option.

These extract energy from the sun to heat water, typically providing around 70% of hot water requirements (around 90-100% in summer, 30% in winter). The hot water cylinder must be compatible or a new one will be required.

A recent example of ours, new build in roof, ready for slating. Worcester Bosch system.
A recent example or an "on roof" Worcester Bosch installation. Panels can also be mounted in roof.
Worcester-Bosch panels are recommended for solar thermal and full details can be provided on request.





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