We have introduced a full consultancy and design service. The renewable heating and generation sector is growing rapidly with many new products and technical advances. There are also many myths and a lot of misunderstood information circulating. This is compounded by some sales people promoting certain products, at the expense of objective knowledge and advice. It is often valuable for a client to commission a design and access a consultancy service. We are experienced and fully qualified in the industry. Please contact us for further details.

We also now offer a full refrigeration engineer service, primarily relating to heat pumps (the term includes air-con and refrigeration units), fully qualified to F-Gas cat 1.

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Annual servicing and maintenance

Annual service contracts and maintenance is a rapidly growing area of our business. A large investment has been made and clients, understandably, wish to protect that investment and ensure smooth operation. This is compounded by the fact that many systems have been installed by people not fully qualified and without the required knowledge. We can address most issues and ensure the smooth operation of installations. Where necessary we also often provide a fault finding and rectification service.

We have further, second level maintenance capability. This includes full Cat 1 F-Gas qualifications to enable all refrigerant work (an example would be changing a faulty compressor in a heat pump). We are also fully Part P qualified electricians and able to diagnose and repair electrical faults extending beyond the heat pump.

What are approximate costs?Please contact us for further details. Each technology has many options and requires to be designed for each specific dwelling or application. We will provide full quotations and system designs. Typically a full size air source system would be around £9000 +5% VAT and ground source £11500+ 5% VAT. Solar PV starts at around £3500 to £8000 +5% VAT for a full sized (nominal4kW) system. All exclusive of changes, if they are required, to internal plumbing arrangements of house or similar factors beyond our control.

Where are we based?

We are based North of Aberdeen by Ellon as well as Dalgety Bay in Fife. However we cover all of Scotland. We have installations all over the country but tend to specialise in the North East of Scotland.

Thermal stores

There are a lot of myths in the industry about thermal stores (buffer tanks in the space heating circuit). Thermal stores increase the efficiency of heat pumps and allow full, individual control of room temperatures. They also provide longer running times and provide a bank of heating fluid ready to respond quickly to demands. Some manufacturers claim their products do not require a thermal store. Technically this is correct with all heat pumps but carries disdadvantages. Continental Europe and Scandanavia are ahead of the UK in the renewable heating market and thermal stores are viewed as an integral part. We can fit systems without them, at a small cost saving, if required but the benefits outweigh the savings.

Radiator sizings

Radiators are sized based on room size, heat losses and the temperature difference between flow temperature and room temperature. Radiators should be sized for the lower flow temperatures heat pumps are designed to operate at, to maximise efficiency. This is for the same reason that underfloor heating is ideal for connection to heat pumps.





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