Ground Source Heat Pumps

We are experts in providing a complete service, from a full design to final commissioning. Our systems will provide all space heating and hot water requirements.

Fundamentally Ground Source Heat Pumps work by circulating a glycol fluid either through pipework laid in a trench approximately 1.5m deep or through a borehole if the ground is not suitable or available for a trench (the most cost effective option). Heat is then extracted from the ground and a scroll compressor in the heat pump extracts this energy to heat central heating and hot water. Ideally this is partnered with underfloor heating to maximise efficiency as a lower heating flow temperature is required, compared to a radiator system sized for oil or gas, to achieve the highest performance co-efficient, usually around 4 (ie 1 unit of electricity input to run the heat pump gives 4 units of heat in return). In addition solar panels can be combined with the cylinder to provide additional heating for the domestic hot water.

Worcester-Bosch Greenstore heat pumps are the highest quality and come with the full technical backup and guarantees from one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in the industry. Full details can be provided on request.

A recent example we completed of a ground source unit, installed in a small outbuilding built specifically for the purpose. The indoor unit can be situated equally well in a utility room or similar.
A NIBE unit we recently installed, in a garage, with matching 200L buffer cylinder( to left)
The NIBE control panel.
Laying the ground loop for a surface trench, completed by us.
Completing a borehole installation in a driveway recently.
Heat pumps extract stored solar energy from the ground and reduces the requirement to purchase fuels
Electrically powered compressor reduces the direct affects of fossil fuels price increases
Integrated additional heater avoids the need for a supplementary heat source
Easy to operate text display menu
Excellent Coefficient of Performance ratings give a better return on investment
Scroll compressor generates a flow temperature of up to 65°C
2 years parts and labour warranty for peace of mind
No gas or oil required and no flue allows easy siting of appliance
Quiet operation with low noise output

Below is a brief guide to the process a ground source heat pump follows. A simple way to understand the principle is that it is similar to a domestic fridge/freezer where heat is extracted (cooled) inside the fridge and transfered to heat dispersion plates on the back which are heated as the energy is transfered.
1 Stored solar energy in the ground is collected at around 3-8'C, this is then passed to the evaporator.
2 The evaporator the transfer glycol mix comes into contact with the refrigerant which then boils and forms a vapour to be fed into the compressor.

3 Compressed the refrigerant reaches temperatures of up to 150'C and is fed into the condensor.

4 The condensor extracts this heat to transfer to the heating and domestic hot water circuits.

5 The refrigerant is now at a lower temperature and reduced in pressure and ready to repeat the cycle.

6 the outgoing glycol mix transfer fluid is output at around 3-5'C lower than the input and ready to collect the stored energy again.





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